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Giga Gal: Rise of the Heroic Automaton!

Embark on an electrifying action-packed adventure in this dynamic action platformer. Take on the role of Giga Gal, a formidable humanoid robot dedicated to vanquishing evil and upholding justice. As the sinister forces of darkness threaten your very existence, it's time to unleash your power and save the city from impending doom!

Intriguing Plot

Step into the shoes of Giga Gal as she battles her way through the chaos. The journey begins in your besieged base, setting the stage for an epic showdown. As the base is cleared, a distress signal reveals a city in peril, besieged by the nefarious Galacti-Bots. Your mission: to confront and conquer the eight Galacti-Bot enforcers, leading you to a final climactic face-off against the dastardly Prof. Xeno. He's armed with a spaceborne laser capable of obliterating the entire city!

Classic Gameplay with a Modern Twist

Drawing inspiration from timeless classics like Megaman, Giga Gal brings back the nostalgia of fast-paced platforming, precision shooting, and exhilarating action. Traverse meticulously crafted levels, leaping across treacherous gaps, evading deadly traps, and engaging in high-stakes battles. Defeat each of the eight Galacti-Bot bosses to claim their unique special weapons, and exploit their individual weaknesses to triumph.

Unleash Your Inner Hero

Giga Gal boasts a captivating story mode featuring 16 meticulously designed levels that will test your skills and strategic thinking. Immerse yourself in the gripping narrative as you progress towards the ultimate confrontation with Prof. Xeno. But the challenge doesn't end there! Engage in an endless survival mode, pushing your limits as you strive to conquer randomly generated sections and set new records.

Sleek Visuals and Thrilling Soundscapes

Immerse yourself in Giga Gal's vibrant universe, with sleek visuals that blend classic pixel art with modern design elements. The thrilling soundscapes enhance the immersive experience, pumping adrenaline into every jump and blast.

Ready for Action

Giga Gal is primed for release, and your destiny awaits! Join the ranks of players ready to take on the Galacti-Bots and thwart Prof. Xeno's evil scheme. The fate of the city hangs in the balance—do you have what it takes to emerge victorious?

Ingame controls can be remapped, the standard keyboard and joypad mapping are as follows:

Jump / ConfirmASouth Button
Shoot / CancelSWest Button
Move left / rightLeft/Right arrowD-Pad Left/Right
Use ladderUp/Down arrowD-Pad Up/Down
Quick change weaponW + EShoulder Buttons
Show menuEnterStart Button

Music credits (ordered by # of songs used)

RyanAVX [Link to itch.io page]

Abstraction [BandcampHomepage]

Jack Rawley [Homepage]

Bug reports

If you encounter bugs or glitches, please let me know so I can fix them asap.

You can contact me via my social media links or leave a comment on this page.

Thank you!

Giga Gal Copyright Disclaimer:

All content and materials associated with Giga Gal, including but not limited to gameplay, graphics, characters, music, sound effects, and any other elements contained within the game, are protected by copyright law. Giga Gal is the intellectual property of Libra Bits and its respective contributors.

Unauthorized copying, distribution, modification, or reproduction of Giga Gal or any part thereof is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to reproducing the game in any form, sharing or distributing copies of the game, reverse-engineering, or creating derivative works based on Giga Gal without the explicit written consent of Libra Bits.

By accessing, downloading, or playing Giga Gal, you agree to abide by these copyright terms and acknowledge that any infringement may result in legal action and associated penalties.

All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved to Libra Bits For inquiries regarding licensing, distribution, or any other use of Giga Gal, please contact pcatgames@web.de.

Giga Gal © 2023 Libra Bits. All rights reserved.


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Is this an NES ROM, or is it just a Windows app?

it's a game for Windows.

The only NES game for now is Snailhop 

Thanks for the quick response!

you're welcome!

not sure if a bug or intended, but when i killed a boss right after i died, i restarted in the room before the boss, but then teleported to victory. I was pleasantly surprised 😅. Enjoying the game so far!

I think that's a bug! At least you haven't Had to fight the boss again :D

There will be a patch coming soon, will fix this as well. Thank you!

Beat the game, it was great! Got harder halfway through 😅 gotta check out the randomizer and hard mode at some point. 

awesome! Glad you enjoyed it! :)